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Margalida negre

Vi de la Terra Mallorca

Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah

Hand harvested in 10 kg crates.

All the grapes are passed along the selection belt and are destemmed.

They are placed in a stainless steel tank and fermented at a low temperature for 10 days. Subsequently, the wine is devatted and aged for 3 months in 225-litre oak barrels.

A fruity wine with aromas of poppies and blackberries, accompanied by balsamic and toasty notes.

It has a pleasant attack on the mouth, sweet and meaty on the palate. Smooth and pleasant tannins.

um 16ºC

Aperitifs, weißes Fleisch, Wurstwaren und gereifte Erzeugnisse

Sobald er auf den Markt kommt, in den ersten beiden Jahren.